USS Grupp acquires Securitas businesses in Estonia and Latvia

November 16, 2020

USS Grupp, which consolidates Estonian real estate management, property maintenance, and security companies, acquires security businesses in Estonia and Latvia from Securitas, one of the world’s largest security companies.

According to the agreement signed on Monday, 16 November 2020, by USS Grupp OÜ and Securitas AB, USS Grupp becomes 100% owner of Securitas security companies in Estonia and Latvia. According to the agreement, the transaction price remains confidential. Before the transaction is finalized in Estonia, it must be approved by the Estonian Competition Board.

USS Grupp CEO Raul Parusk said that the acquisition of the Estonian and Latvian security businesses of Securitas is to increase the USS Group’s security services portfolio by about one third, accelerate the development of the market for such services in the Baltic States and increase competition in this specific area. “A member of our group, USS Security has been the fastest growing security company in Estonia in recent years. Securitas Eesti, established in 1993, is one of the most experienced and acknowledged companies in the local security services market. After obtaining approval for the merger, we plan to combine the security services businesses of USS and Securitas in Estonia. The combined company will account for over 20% of the Estonian security services market. As a result of the deal, USS with its security business will also enter the Latvian market for the first time, opening new international development opportunities for the entire service category. After the approval of the merger by the Estonian Competition Board, a new unified brand will also be adopted for the optimal use of the joint potential of the companies,” Parusk explained.

The transaction will not lead to any change in the relationship of Securitas with its customers: all existing contracts will remain in force in their current form. USS Grupp also does not plan to make any significant changes to the structure or staff of Securitas in the near future. “The people of Securitas are excellent specialists, and I am delighted that we will continue moving forward as a team. By combining the IT solutions of USS Security and the digitalization know-how of Securitas Estonia team, which has many years of global experience and expertise in security technologies, we can offer Estonian customers the best solutions and excellent service,” said Parusk.

Raimo Heinam, CEO of Securitas Eesti AS noted that due to the global economic downturn and the spread of COVID-19, many international companies have changed their operating strategy and now focus on larger markets. “Considering current global events, the sale of the Estonian and Latvian Securitas companies to USS Grupp is a logical step. USS is a fast-growing Estonian security company. Customers trust it. Moving forward together, we will be able to offer customers innovative solutions and services of even higher quality,” said Heinam.


About the companies:

USS Grupp OÜ is a group that consolidates Estonian real estate management, property maintenance, and security companies. The group includes USS Security Eesti AS (security services), Ermeesia OÜ (real estate management and property maintenance), and Techno Life OÜ (full automation solutions for smart homes and commercial buildings).

USS Security Eesti AS – in recent years it has been the fastest growing company in the Estonian security market, launching a number of innovative security solutions such as the USS Drive patrol platform based on the sharing economy concepts, drone security service, keyless solutions for the hospitality sector and much more. USS Security currently employs over 900 people.

Securitas is one of the world’s largest security companies with approximately 370,000 employees in 57 countries. Securitas has over 600 employees in Estonia and Latvia. In the Baltic States, Securitas mainly offers combined security solutions, technical security and security guards, patrol services, and security consulting.

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