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January 17, 2020

Three years ago, we faced three major problems: there was a shortage of technical guard personnel, a long response time and our service area was not as wide as we would have liked. Our desire was to find one solution to these problems.

We got the job done and by 2018, we had a mobile app called USS Drive that solved all of these problems at once: we are faster, more efficient and reach more customers.

App helped us improve the quality of our service, be more efficient in our work, engage smart people, and save a fair amount of costs. Even the environment will benefit from USS Drive, because in the winter our permanent patrols don’t just have to be waiting and warming up the car.

Let’s talk about how it’s possible right now.

What is USS Drive?

USS Drive is a tool used by our main patrols and contracted responsive personnel, who are not working for us on a daily basis, but are ready to stand by and to assist when needed. That way, people can also contribute to the security of their area.

The app alerts the responders to a malfunctioning technical guard and distributes the work among the people on duty. The person closest to the object will go on the spot to investigate.

How does USS Drive work?

When a responder has time off from their main job and is ready to respond to a challenge from USS Security, he notices in app that he is active – then he will appear on our map. It’s about the same way as taxi cabs show free cars on the map in their app.

In the event of an alarm being triggered by a technical surveillance facility, the responder who is closest to the facility and who could go the spot to investigate the matter shall be assigned to work.

Who is fit to be USS Drive guard?

Security law says that security staff must respond to alarms. This means that people who qualify as security staff can become the responder. Those who have not done security work in the past will receive our education and training. When starting the work, the responder is as well trained as our full-time security guard.

Currently, about 60% of Drive employees are people whose main job is elsewhere, but mostly in the law enforcement feeld. It’s a pleasure to see an increasing number of Drive responders .

What does USS Drive app actually do?

– Provides guidance to the respondent to reach the object.

– Provides information on signals received from the object.

– Records the movement path of the reactor.

– Requires taking pictures on site. This ensures effective control of the object and allows detection of defects.

– Provides information about the contractual contact persons associated with the object.

– The shortcuts allow you to determine the cause of the alarm and sign the electronic report.

– Enables systematic monitoring of alarm service.

The data transmitted through the application gives us and the customer assurance that the object has been verified as previously agreed.

Thanks to Drive, we are able to call in more patrols in some emergency situations. For example, recently there was an incident where two large shopping centers in Tallinn were hit by a bomb threat at the same time within 10 minutes. We were able to call in even more security personnel than we needed. They helped the visitors to evacuate quickly, ensuring their safety and security.

Thanks to innovative solutions, USS Security is faster than any other security company in Estonia. You can trust us!

Join USS Drive team

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