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USSbnb is a convenient service for a business owner who needs to open and close doors or other access points from a distance. This service enables to run your business remotely without having to waste your energy on running back and forth with your keys. In addition to regular doors, you can also open gates, barriers, and turnstiles remotely. Can be used on new as well as already installed doors.

  • Electronically remotely controlled door lock. Completed with a security camera, if desired
  • Controlling and use of the system from a computer, smart device, or smartphone
  • Creating and maintenance of various groups of users (visitors, service personnel, etc.)
  • Code- and/or card-based access
  • 24h customer support. If a visitor forgets the code, they can call the USS customer support, answer a few verification questions, and a new code is issued, if necessary
  • A USS technician can come over to provide assistance, if necessary, and we will dispatch a patrol car in the event of any security issues
  • Cleaning after visits and solving of minor technical issues available as addition services

How does USSbnb function?

  • When the period in which the accommodation service is provided is specified, the owner enters the respective dates and the name of the visitor into a special online application
  • A lock code is generated by the system
  • The code is sent to the visitor and can be used to enter for the duration of the accommodation period
  • The service is equipped with 24h customer support for settling of any unexpected issues. In the event of losing the door code, the visitor can call the customer support and have a new code issued. We will make sure that everything is functioning, and no one will be left behind a closed door!


Some places where you could make use of the USSbnb technology:

  • Accommodation companies
  • Rented apartments
  • Luggage holds and washrooms
  • Sports grounds and gyms
  • Changing rooms
  • Utility rooms
  • Meeting rooms