USS Mobile security

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USS Mobile security

USS Mobile security is an ideal solution if you need to have a site or object (a building, room, site accommodation, piece of construction machinery, etc.) guarded on a temporary basis and are interested in quick installation and a reasonably priced service. The USS Mobile security solution includes technical surveillance, video surveillance, as well as an access solution. Setting up of the entire system takes little time and the smart system can be used for guarding a wide range of sites and objects.

  • Compact, mobile security centre
  • Video surveillance solution
  • Card- or code-based access solution
  • The required number of surveillance sensors, card readers, keyboards, surveillance cameras, etc.
  • A seismic sensor and GPS surveillance option
  • Logs and video images from the guarded site or object to a smart device
  • 24/7 connection between the site and the USS control centre
  • Patrol car response and inspection of the site
  • Technical support, account manager, and security-related advising
  • Surveillance equipment rental


USS Mobile security is a quick, easy, and flexible security solution for surveillance of sites or objects on a temporary basis. It is just as efficient as classic technical surveillance but stands out for its flexible areas of application. As Mobile security is quick to install, it is perfect for the sites in the case of which the area that requires surveillance changes frequently. Wireless sensors are used, thus, the client can change the object or site under surveillance, if necessary, for example by relocating the sensors to another room.

The flexible USS Mobile security is also a good option for guarding large construction sites where several companies are working at the same time. Several subcontractors can be connected to the security system with each using the system for guarding their section of the site.

In principle, anything from site accommodation or an empty apartment to valuable tools can be guarded by using mobile security.


Some areas of application of Mobile security:

  • construction sites
  • temporary structures, e.g. site accommodation
  • apartments to be sold
  • heavy construction machinery (steamrollers, diggers, etc.)
  • premises which require temporary surveillance
  • tool cases (the alarm is activated by a seismic sensor which responds to moving of the case)