The video surveillance service

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The video surveillance service

Modern video surveillance equipment enables to monitor and guard everything 24 hours a day and year-round. Analytical video systems can be used for surveillance, as well as as an access solution, for monitoring manufacturing processes, for identification of vehicle licence plates, and for many other purposes. In principle, the system does the work which required the efforts of several people just a few years ago. Thus, video surveillance is the best and most cost-efficient alternative for manned security service.

  • The most cost-efficient alternative or addition to manned security service
  • The cause of an alarm is identified immediately and is immediately responded to
  • In addition to video surveillance, it is possible to integrate access solutions to the system, monitor manufacturing processes, count people, and identify faces or licence plates
  • The user can choose what will activate the system. For example, an alarm can be activated when someone stands in a certain spot for a certain amount of time or when someone is defacing a wall
  • The video surveillance technology can also be rented


Video surveillance is a good option for cutting down the expenses on security services without making any compromises in the quality. A modern video system is an efficient assistant for keeping an eye on what is going on in your store, car park, or production premises. It detects everything and allows you to find a shoplifter or the person who has a put a dent in a car door in the car park in mare seconds. The recordings enable to detect the route of a thief in your store without having to go through hours of material – the system which has been appropriately set automatically puts together a recording based on the selected parameters. In combination with a thermal camera, an intruder can be detected even in complete darkness.