The manned security service

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The manned security service

Manned security service in combination with modern security technology is a reasonable security solution for guarding large and complex premises. Our security guards are members of your team who you can count on in any security/related issues. They serve as reliable and solid partners for you in complex situations an in smooth organisation of your daily work. They also assist you in creating a
pleasant and safe environment, by taking care of simple, daily customer service situations, if necessary.

If you would like to order manner security service for your premises, please contact our sales department and ask for an offer.

  • An optimum combination of technical solutions and manned security service
  • The security guard serves as an assistant to a company’s head of administration or a hotel’s receptionist by finding solutions to simpler customer service issues
  • The security guard is always supported by the control centre and patrol service of USS Security
  • In-house training sessions/courses based on the specifics of the client’s operations for the employees of USS as well as for the client’s personnel, if necessary
  • An internal auditing service for detecting potential external or internal fraudulent dealings
  • Professional assistance in emergency situations, e.g. organising of evacuations in the event of a fire


Technical and video surveillance are efficient, but in the case of some premises, having on-site security guards is also justified. Our experienced security managers and security guards can be entrusted with all aspects of your company’s security issues. The security manager of USS Security always has an overview of what is happening, they quickly help you to settle various security-related issues, provide feedback, and make relevant suggestions on how to increase your security. In order to increase the quality of the security service, we perform random night-time checks of the patrol teams, plan NFC technology-based guard tours, and inspect signing of the security guards for their
shifts via the USS control centre.

We do our best to ensure that you company can always operate peacefully!