Technical surveillance

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Technical surveillance

Technical surveillance is one of the classics of security services – it is the most common and cost-effective security service which is suitable for all types of companies. Our patrol car will immediately come over in the event of break-ins, emergency calls, and fire alarms.

  • Identification of the cause of the alarm and the precise location of the alarm in the building
  • Fire alarm, panic alarm
  • Event and action log
  • Access to the system and the information in a smart device or computer
  • 24/7 connection with the USS control centre
  • Immediate response of a patrol car and inspection of the site
  • Technical support, account manager’s support, and security-related advising


We guard your company’s property around the clock irrespective of whether or not you are there. We won’t disregard any alarms and always visit the site to inspect the situation in the case of a distress call. To guard large territories, we use the equipment of an Estonian company, Defendec, among onther things, which are of a tested reliability and capability and are used for guarding several national borders and military objects.