Smart home

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Smart home

Let’s make your home smart with the help of Fibaro’s attractive and functional devices. Our home automation system enables to control almost all home devices from regular heating and ventilation to home appliances and audio systems.


  • Remotely maintainable, elegantly designed, small devices and sensors
  • The multifunctional sensors are wireless and communicate with the central device by radio frequencies which are harmless to human health
  • Controlling of the system from smart devices
  • Panic button
  • Smoke sensor, carbon monoxide sensor, floor sensor
  • Indoor alarm signal
  • Optionally, connection of a webcam with a face recognition function
  • An option to integrate controlling of almost all technical equipment at home with the system
  • Extensive options for adding convenient functions (e.g. moving of curtains, controlling of lights, the stereo system, sauna, cleaning robot)
  • Flexibility for adding further functions at a later date, e.g. security devices for monitoring the outdoor area of a private residence


The Fibaro smart system enables to connect the controlling of almost all electric devices used at home and use one device for multiple purposes. For example, when the system is activated, the movement sensor functions as a regular sensor, when the system is not activated, in night-time, for example, it functions as a LED lamp which lights the way to the toilet or kitchen for the family.

The solution of Fibaro is wireless and extremely flexible – additional functions and devices can be added at any time. USS Security has years of experience in building systems which are based on Fibaro’s devices. Fibaro is the most widely used wireless smart home solution in Estonia.