Installation and maintenance

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Installation and maintenance

We will create and quickly build security and automation solution which best meets the specifics of your company, provide a warranty for the system, and ensure maintenance of the system. We will take care of uninterrupted functioning of the system at any time and in any situation so that you will never have to give it another thought.

  • Risk analysis
  • Designing
  • Security systems
  • Video systems
  • Analytical video solutions
  • Automatic fire alarm systems
  • Evacuation systems
  • Access systems
  • USSbnb access
  • Guard tour systems
  • Computer and communication networks
  • Sound and notification systems
  • Maintenance of sprinkler systems, hose systems, fire doors, fire extinguishers, and other fire
    safety equipment and devices
  • Smart home and automation solutions
  • 24h customer support


We will create a security system for your business from scratch by providing a so-called custom-made solution based on your company’s needs. We will provide a warranty for the system built by us, ensure functionality of the system, and take care of regular maintenance of the equipment.

The experienced technology specialists of USS operate all over Estonia, we have a plenty of experience in installation and maintenance of large-scale and complex systems. If you order installation, maintenance, as well as security services from USS Security, it is always clear who is responsible, and any potential issues can be solved quickly.