Fire safety

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Fire safety

Fire poses the greatest threat to a company’s assets and may cause significant damage to production or complete destroy commercial premises with all goods, not to mention the hazard to human lives. Fire safety is especially important for property owners and other business owners who are liable for observing the fire safety requirements prescribed by the law. Human lives and preservation of property directly depend on fire safety and proper action in the event of an emergency.

  • Installation and maintenance of automatic fire alarm systems (AFAS)
  • Installation and maintenance of emergency lights

  • Drawing up of fire safety documentation

  • 112 alarm transmission service

  • Fire safety trainings and organising of fire drills

  • Maintenance of hose systems

  • Maintenance of smoke and heat extraction systems

  • Maintenance of sprinkler systems

  • Sales and inspection of fire extinguishers and fire blankets


USS Security has years of experience in providing all types of fire safety services to wood processing and chemical companies, shopping centres, and office buildings. We will be your reliable partner in everything fire safety-related – from drawing up the documentation to installation of the AFAS systems and maintenance of your sprinkler system.