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Controlling of the system from smart devices

The home security system can be conveniently remotely controlled and configured via an application installed in a smartphone or tablet. The mobile application immediately notifies of any alarms.

Flood sensor

Detects wetting of the floor and sounds an alarm signal and issues a notice before the water can cause irreparable damage. The sensor can be installed in the kitchen or bathroom, for example.

Carbon monoxide sensor

Reacts to toxic carbon monoxide as well as changes in temperature. In order to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning, the sensor must be installed below the level of the edge of the bed so that it can react before the carbon monoxide is inhaled by the sleeping person.


Enables to see what is going on at your home with the help of a smart device and identify the cause of the alarm. The webcam is connected to the home Wi-Fi network.

Panic button

Enables to send a quick distress signal in the event of a hazard


Enables to activate and deactivate the security system

Control centre

The brain of the security system which all the required sensors are connected to an which registers all operations involving the system – from activating and deactivating to connecting sensors and any alarms. The control centre must be installed in a concealed location.

Smoke sensor

Helps to detect a fire at an early stage. The sensor reacts to changes in temperature as well as smoke by sounding a loud signal and transmitting an alarm message.

Movement sensor

The activated sensor sounds an alarm signal in the event of movement in the monitored area. The sensor reacts to changes in the intensity of infrared light .

Movement sensor with a camera

An activated sensor sounds an alarm signal in the event of movement in the guarded area and takes a photo of the cause of the alarm. The photo is sent to the smartphone application. The camera of the sensor can also take photos in the dark.

Magnetic contact

Sounds an alarm signal if a door or window is opened

Indoor alarm signal

Sound a loud alarm signal when the alarm is activated.

Wireless surveillance

Wireless surveillance can be used anywhere – in a brand-new apartment, old private residence, or a country cottage. The strength of the package is the wide selection of accessories and the flexibility arising from the lack of cables.

  • The remotely maintainable sensors are wireless and communicate with the central device by using radio frequencies which are harmless to human health
  • Controlling of the surveillance and transmission of photos of the alarm situation via a free mobile application
  • A movement sensor with a camera which transmits a photo of the view in the event of an alarm
  • Webcam
  • Panic button
  • Smoke sensor, carbon monoxide sensor, flood sensor
  • Indoor alarm signal
  • Keyboard with general indicators
  • An option to integrate controlling of the technical devices used in the building
  • Security devices of the outdoor area can also be integrated to the system to get an overview of what is happening around the building
  • A warranty of up to 4 years for the security equipment

There is no need to lead cables to install the wireless security system and the sensors can be installed anywhere where they are most useful. The package includes accessories which, in addition to warning you of intruding uninvited visitors, also notify you of a flood caused by a burst pipe or of spreading of carbon monoxide. A keyboard is available which enables to perform all mots common activation operations conveniently by pushing one button.

Controlling of the technical devices in your home can also be integrated to the wireless security system. The system can be activated by using a card, code, or a mobile application.