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Carbon monoxide sensor

Reacts to toxic carbon monoxide as well as changes in temperature. In order to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning, the sensor must be installed below the level of the edge of the bed so that it can react before the carbon monoxide is inhaled by the sleeping person.


Enables to see what is going on a home and identify the cause of the alarm.

Smoke sensor

Helps to detect a fire at an early stage. The sensor reacts to changes in temperature as well as smoke by sounding a loud signal and transmitting an alarm.

Mobile application

Immediately reports an alarm. A webcam enables to see what is going on a home and identify the cause of the alarm. The app also enables to monitor the room temperature.


The brain of the surveillance system which the sensors are connected to and which registers all operations performed with the system

Flood sensor

Detects wetting of the floor and sounds an alarm signal and issues a notice before the water can cause irreparable damage. The sensor can be installed in the kitchen or bathroom, for example.

Smoke surveillance

Smoke surveillance is the simplest option for ensuring the security of one’s loved ones. Smoke and/or carbon monoxide sensors send a signal to your phone or to the USS control centre as well. You can use webcam images to decide whether or not the alarm was caused by actual fire hazard and send a patrol car to investigate, if necessary.

  • Stylishly designed, wireless, and easy-to-install smoke alarm, carbon monoxide alarm, or both devices
  • Possibility to add a webcam for detecting the reason for the alarm
  • Possibility to add a flood sensor


A fire involving your loved ones or at your home is the most horrible thing that can happen. Using smoke and carbon monoxide sensors in Estonian homes is compulsory and they have saved many lives. There is a problem with these sensors, though, they sound an alarm, but it is not transmitted to the home owner or security company.

Smoke surveillance is the easiest way for making your home more secure. It provides a constant overview of what is happening in your home even when you are away and, in the event of an accident, you can immediately respond from a distance.

How does smoke surveillance function?

  • We will send preconfigured devices by post to the address provided by you
  • Install the sensors and webcam in a suitable location
  • Switch on the central device and check the connection with the USS control centre
  • In the case of any questions concerning setting up of the system, please e-mail klienditeenindus@uss.ee. We will contact you as soon as possible and help you to prepare the system for use.
  • Alarms will be given in the form of text messages. Having received one, you can use the camera app on your phone to verify where it is false alarm or there is actual fire hazard.
  • In the case of a hazard, USS will dispatch a patrol to inspect or we can agree in advance that all alarms will be checked automatically by the patrol.