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Control centre

The brain of the security system which all the required sensors are connected to an which registers all operations involving the system – from activating and deactivating to connecting sensors and any alarms. The control centre must be installed in a concealed location.

Flood sensor

Detects wetting of the floor and sounds an alarm signal and issues a notice before the water can cause irreparable damage. The sensor can be installed in the kitchen or bathroom, for example.

Control panel

A tablet installed on the wall which enables to activate and deactivate the security system and configure the system as required.

Controlling of the system from smart devices

The home security system can be conveniently remotely controlled and configured via an application installed in a smartphone or tablet. The mobile application immediately notifies of any alarms.

Movement sensor

The activated sensor sounds an alarm signal in the event of any movements in the guarded area. Also functions as a temperature sensor.

Magnetic contact

Sounds an alarm signal if a door or window is opened

Smoke sensor

Helps to detect a fire at an early stage. The sensor reacts to changes in temperature as well as smoke by sounding a loud signal and transmitting an alarm message.

Carbon monoxide sensor

Reacts to toxic carbon monoxide as well as changes in temperature. In order to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning, the sensor must be installed below the level of the edge of the bed so that it can react before the carbon monoxide is inhaled by the sleeping person.

Webcam with the face recognition function

The device recognizes the faces which have been introduced to it and detects movement. Used via a separate mobile application. The webcam is connected to the home Wi-Fi network.


Enables to see what is going on at your home with the help of a smart device and identify the cause of the alarm. The webcam is connected to the home Wi-Fi network.

Indoor alarm signal

Sound a loud alarm signal when the alarm is activated.

Panic button remote control

The six buttons of the remote control enable to control various devices in the network or activate preconfigured scenarios – such as activation, panic alarm, opening of gates, etc.

Smart plug

The remotely controlled socket measures energy consumption and enables to switch electrical equipment on and off. The smart plug uses a LED ring to visualise the energy consumption.

Smart security service

The smart security system is suitable for today’s modern homes, as the design and appearance of the devices have also been kept in mind in addition to the functionality. The package is based on Fibaro’s security and automation systems which are the most commonly used ‘smart home’ solution in Estonia.

  • Remotely maintainable, elegantly designed, small devices and sensors
  • The multifunctional sensors are wireless and communicate with the central device by using radio frequencies which are harmless to human health
  • Controlling of the system from a smart device
  • Panic button, smoke sensor, carbon monoxide sensor, floor sensor
  • Indoor alarm signal
  • Optionally integration of a webcam with the face recognition function
  • Controlling of almost all domestic technical equipment can be integrated to the system
  • Security devices of the outdoor area can be integrated to the system to monitor what is going on around the house
  • Extensive options for adding convenient functions (e.g. moving of curtains, controlling of lights, the stereo system, sauna, cleaning robot)
  • Flexibility for adding further functions at a later date.


The smart security package is based on the devices of Fibaro which are known by the great design, exceptionally wide functionality, and flexibility in configuration of the system. It is a home automation system in which security forms just a small part of the capability of the entire system.

Smart security is a wireless solution which can always be completed with additional devices for expanding the functionality. USS Security has many years of experience in building systems based on Fibaro’s devices.