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Enables to activate and deactivate the security system

Movement sensor

The activated sensor sounds an alarm signal in the event of movement in the monitored area. The sensor reacts to changes in the intensity of infrared light .

Smoke sensor

Helps to detect a fire at an early stage. The sensor reacts to changes in temperature as well as smoke by sounding a loud signal and transmitting an alarm message.

Indoor alarm signal

Sound a loud alarm signal when the alarm is activated.

Magnetic contact

Sounds an alarm signal if a door or window is opened

Movement sensor with a camera

An activated sensor sounds an alarm signal in the event of movement in the guarded area and takes a photo of the cause of the alarm. The photo is sent to the smartphone application. The camera of the sensor can also take photos in the dark.

Panic button

Enables to send a quick distress signal in the event of a hazard

Control centre

The brain of the security system which all the required sensors are connected to an which registers all operations involving the system – from activating and deactivating to connecting sensors and any alarms. The control centre must be installed in a concealed location.

Controlling of the system from smart devices

The home security system can be conveniently remotely controlled and configured via an application installed in a smartphone or tablet. The mobile application immediately notifies of any alarms.

Classic home security service

The classic home security service is a reasonably priced and reliable solution for your home. No matter whether you need to guard your apartment, private house, or country cottage – the classic home security service is for those who are interested in a home security service for the most reasonable price.

  • The sensors are connected to the central device by cables
  • Remote maintenance option – it can be verified if all buttons of the system are properly functioning
  • An option to install a movement sensor with a camera which transmits a photo of the view in the event of an alarm
  • Optionally controlling of the service and transmission of alarm photos via a mobile application
  • Smoke sensor
  • Panic button
  • Indoor alarm signal
  • Warranty of up to 4 years for the security equipment


The classic home security service is suitable for homes which are already equipped with a security system, but it is in need of upgrading. Since it is usually quite complicated and expensive to install security cables in an existing home, it is a good idea to use the exisiting
cables and add the classic home security service which is based on novel technology. It is a very reliable system of low maintenance costs, the proper functioning of which can be checked by the central device from a distance, and which will always keep an eye on your home even when you are far away.