Estonia’s first smart Nothel hotel was born with the help of USS

October 7, 2019

This autumn, with the help of USS, the innovative Nothel smart hotel was opened at the beginning of Pärnu Road in the center of Tallinn. By registering online, a visitor will receive a unique QR code that will unlock all necessary doors upon arrival. Therefore, there is no hotel-specific reception and guests can check in and out at any time of their choice. The solution to check-in at the hotel is as easy for the guest as, for example, using a tram ticket. The new hotel is designed for people who love innovation and value comfort and who want to spend time in a quiet, cozy environment amidst the hustle and bustle of the city.

Nothel hotell

The smart access system was installed by the USS and is the first such solution in Estonia and one of the first in Scandinavia. One code helps the client enter both the front door, the door to his floor and the door to the room. In any case, the customer will also receive a unique number code – to be able to enter the hotel and in their room even if the phone battery runs out or modern smartphones in the winter climate in the street should fail.

The technical solution works automatically and 24 hours a day, but the customer can always contact the USS Control Center for assistance, who can quickly resolve any issues related to hotel travel.

The rooms at Nothel are also smart in that they can tell if a guest has already moved in or not. An empty room works in economy mode and consumes as little energy as possible. The room in which the guest lives is working normally and, of course, customers can also regulate the heat, light, etc.

Nothel hotell

However, smart solutions are not the only ghost effects in Nothel. While a hotel room is usually a simple cube, Nothel is more like a home with large, multi-level rooms, featuring fully-equipped kitchens and separate work, sleeping and reading areas. The corridors of the hotel are covered with soft carpets, patterned on the facades of Old Town houses, which offer a great deal of recognition when walking in the Old Town. These same facades were discovered by interior designers as ceramic souvenirs hanging on the windows of Old Town shops – in the corridors of the hotel, these tiny colored gingerbread facades were also framed in niches on the walls of the corridors.

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