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I would like to connect to the security service, but I’m unsure as to what equipment I need.

You can comfortably pick out the security surveillance solution and equipment for your home on the USS Security website. You will find the selection of surveillance solutions on offer here.

If you are unable to find a suitable solution or if you have any questions regarding the equipment,
contact our customer service and we would be happy to assist you.

What happens to the surveillance equipment in the event of a power outage?

All surveillance devices are equipped with a backup battery that ensures the operation of the device even during a power outage. If the backup battery has been properly inspected, it can power the surveillance system for approximately 12 hours. The customer will have to restore the power supply within that time, otherwise the surveillance system may stop operating after some time.


Why does my surveillance equipment trigger false alarms?

False alarm of a motion sensor may be caused by an incorrect location of the sensor, for example on top of a heater, where temperature changes may be fairly steep. False alarms may also be caused by uncontrollably moving items/objects (e.g. curtains). In case of repeated false alarms, the sensitivity or the location of the sensor should be adjusted. Burnt food or a pet moving around the area under surveillance may also cause an alarm. In the latter case, we recommend using pet-immune motion sensors that reduce the likelihood of a false alarm.


Am I charged when a patrol unit is dispatched?

Upon choosing surveillance, you will have the option to choose a package with a low monthly fee where you need to pay separately for dispatches or a package with a somewhat higher monthly fee where responding to alarms is included in the price. Dispatches in case of false alarms are charged.

What is a false alarm?

False alarm is a charge for a dispatched patrol unit if the dispatch was caused by negligence of the
customer or a third person, for example animals moving around in the area under surveillance, humidity of rooms, open window, or another similar reason.

How to change contact persons of the object under surveillance?

The easiest way to change the contact person of the object under surveillance is for the customer who entered into the contract to send a respective e-mail from the e-mail address specified in the contract to the USS Security Eesti AS e-mail address klienditeenindus@uss.ee.

I’m about to move. Can I continue as the customer of USS Security in my new home?

If you’re changing residences, please notify the USS Security Estonia customer service of the changes to the address in writing, so that they could make the required amendments to the service contract.


Will I be charged for calling a technician?

Unless the work qualifies as warranty work, you will be charged for calling a technician.


Will I be charged for regular maintenance during the warranty period of the equipment?

You will be charged for regular maintenance of equipment during the warranty period.


How long is the warranty period?

USS Security grants a warranty of one year to the alarm system equipment. Warranty period commences at the moment of handing the alarm system equipment over to the customer.


In which circumstances is the warranty not valid?

Alarm system equipment under warranty is repaired and replaced at the expense of USS Security,
except for the following cases:

  • The reliability of equipment has decreased due to the fault of the customer, third persons or force majeure.
  • Equipment has been improperly serviced or misused.
  • A third person has serviced or repaired the alarm system equipment.