Casual guests are scared away by the USS Small Business Watch Service

November 7, 2019

Late at night, when everywhere else is already quiet, a small business sounds like a bell in the ventilation shaft. Then another one. This time it’s not about John McClane, but a burglar who has decided to just “buy” the presents from the offices instead of buying them. After climbing out of the pit and momentarily pausing, a loud siren sounds throughout the café. USS Small Business Surveillance motion detectors have hit, and the control center has already been notified. The patrol arrives in less than 4 minutes and the trapped evil is handed over to the police. The holidays have been saved, the owner is happy and the property remains thanks to the USS Small Business Guard.

It may sound cinematic, but have you thought that something similar might suddenly hit your small business? Fortunately, USS Security offers besides business security services, a security service specifically designed for small businesses. The keywords are affordable price, high performance equipment and reliable service.

How Does Small Business Security Work?

The small business watch service takes into account the characteristics of a particular small business, ie the distribution of space, the nature of the business and the location play a role. Therefore, the service pack includes a wide variety of security devices, such as a panic button remote control, an internal siren and various sensors that protect the small business owner’s property and ensure security.

For example, today, it is inconceivable that a high-quality on-call service can be provided without immediate response sensors. The USS Small Business Surveillance Services package includes both motion and glass break detector, smoke and temperature sensor and door sensor. The first of these reacts to the glass clearing or breaking, while the door sensor activates when the door or window of the guarded building is opened. If the alarm is not canceled, a loud internal siren will be triggered and the alarm message will be immediately sent to the USS Control Center. The control center in turn informs the USS patrols and, in the event of a major threat, the police and the rescue service.

In addition to the sensors, the panic button remote control provides effective protection, a useful aid for restaurant, pub and café keepers. You can immediately call a USS patrol to tame a bit more dashing customer, who will then deal with the aggressor. If required, the remote control can also be armed or disarmed.

USS väikeäri valve seadmed

There are times when extra security holes had to be drilled into the office walls to install a variety of specific techniques. The USS Wireless Home Security System does not require any extra work and does not require additional cables to be pulled, providing convenience to the user. Batteries for wireless devices typically last up to 7 years and provide timely notice of battery replacement. However, it is possible to install wired equipment if the security system readiness has already been done in the premises by the builder. The only difference between them and a wireless device is that they are connected directly to the mains and do not need to be replaced from time to time. It is certain that both types of equipment provide equal security. Every small business owner can monitor and conveniently control the wireless device from their smartphone through a free app.

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