A guide to protecting your home during the holidays

December 7, 2019

Christmas holidays are here! That means fancy gifts, ornate firs and long trips to friends or relatives, or even longer trips for the trip. Everything is great, but as you travel, someone must keep your home safe.

We are now happy to share some inspiring ideas and tips on how to protect your home while you are away.


You can actually do a great deal for the safety of your expensive home. One of the simplest and most ingenious ways is to pull the curtains out of the windows before leaving your home to prevent outsiders from seeing you in the room. It’s also a good idea to hide valuables that might otherwise catch someone’s eye.

However, if these methods are unsuccessful and the criminals have still been able to reach and even enter your home door, we have another trick to attract attention. Put a bunch of peacocks under the hallway carpet, as this will help catch unexpected guests. Hopefully, your neighbors will hear the practice and banging of small peas, who will respond immediately and call the police. Unless, of course, they are home during the holidays.

You can always leave music or TV at home to give the impression of someone’s presence. Of course, this will also increase your electricity bill, but at least you have taken another step to protect your home. In addition, you can pull transparent food films into certain locations to slow down the intruder and reduce his or her potential to steal something from you.

If you have a garden house but no real dog, put a couple of play dogs in a couple of places. Here, it is important for animals to resemble their real companions as much as possible, as this can also deceive malicious guests. Don’t be frightened of yourself when a cute pillar rottweiler looks at you.


However, all of the above tips may not be 100% effective in protecting your home. The last and, in fact, the best way is to seek the advice of a professional. USS Security wireless home security is perfect for any home, be it a private home, a modern apartment or even

cottage. The package includes a wealth of useful devices and sensors, such as an animal-proof motion sensor, a smoke and temperature sensor and a door sensor. All devices communicate with the bundle provided with the package, which also records all system operations.

Being away from home, however, you can keep an eye on your home area through the mobile app, and remotely respond immediately in the event of a threat. And if the equipment that comes with the basic package is not enough, you can add more devices that, in addition to inviting an uninvited guest, alert you, for example, to a flood from a burst water pipe.

All of the above suggestions are definitely worth considering, but if you want to feel completely safe, consider a professional security service ready to intervene and protect your home 24/7.

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