8 Simple Reasons to get Yourself a Home Security

March 12, 2020

Are you one of those people who has thought that home security is a futile expense rather than a good investment?

Very often we come across with people who have changed their mind about the meaningness of home security only after their home has been burglarized and things taken away from them.

None of the fact that you have a dog in the yard, you live in a good area, or you have nothing to steal, are good enough reasons to give up a home security system. We have seen far too many cases where criminals have proven that dogs and a good neighborhood do not prevent theft. This is most certainly the case with home security, which not only gives a signal of a burglary, but also gives you peace of mind in many other ways.


Let’s review 8 simple reasons why ordering a home security system makes sense


1. Home security protects your memorabilia

You might think that who would want your jewelry or painting as it has value only for you. Let’s just say, that if someone is willing to pay enough for these things to buy drugs for that amount, they are a good catch for the thief. Protect your memorabilia and other things that you have no way to replace.

2. Electronics are protected

Even if a thief only invades your home, it will likely catch a TV set and a whole bunch of electronics that are easy to get rid of at any cost. Protect your electronics and you don’t have to worry about getting new things.

3. You are constantly up to date with what is happening at home

Whether you are at work, visiting relatives or traveling, you have a constant overview of what is happening at home. When your home security equipment gives an alarm, you will be notified by mobile and our patrol will go to check the situation.

4. Flooding can be quickly overcome

If the pipes burst or suddenly leak, for example, a boiler, a sensor on the kitchen or bathroom floor will alert you via cell phone. This allows you to react quickly and the damage is much smaller.

5. A fire or gas leak shall be rapidly detected

The same is true with fire and gas – when smoke or gas sensors alert you to a cell phone alarm, you can call for rescuers when you’re away.

6. Your home is guarded 24/7

Home security gives you the guarantee that your home is under constant surveillance and connected to our control center.

7. Home insurance is more affordable

Because having home security means lower security risk, the home insurance is also with a lower cost. Check with your insurance company!

8. Most importantly – peace of mind

It’s still a damn bad feeling if you know a stranger has been around your home and wasted your time, not to mention that he has taken something with him. A secured home helps prevent this and gives you the most important thing – peace of mind!

Order your home security and peace of mind here: https://uss.ee/en/private-customer/uss-home-security/

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