Water leakage sensor

Detects wetness on the floor and sounds a buzzer and alert before the water can cause irreparable damage. The sensor is for example installed in a kitchen or bathroom.

Internal siren

A loud beep indicates the alarm is triggered.


Allows you to control the security system.

Door sensor

Provides alarm when opening a door or window. The sensor can monitor the room temperature.

Motion sensor

A guarded sensor gives an alarm signal for movement in the monitored area. The sensor can also monitor the room temperature.


Allows you to send an emergency alarm quickly, and to arm and disarm.


The app on your smartphone or tablet allows you to conveniently control and set up a home security system and, if necessary, set or unset the alarm system. The mobile app will instantly alert you to any alarm messages.

Smoke detector

Reacts with carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is odorless, tasteless and invisible. To prevent carbon monoxide poisoning, the sensor should be placed below the bed edge so it can respond before the sleeper inhales the carbon monoxide gas.


The alarm system's brain, which connects all necessary sensors and records all system activity - arming and disarming, sensor connections and alarms.


Lets you see a picture of what's happening at home through your smart device and identify the cause of the alarm.

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